Let’s Ju It!

Have you ever heard of Juju cleanse?  I’ve actually learned about this around last quarter of 2010 through several tweets from Pinoy celebs raving about this very affordable detox program.  I’ve been dying to try it ever since and kept promising myself to give it a shot when I go for vacation.  Guess what, after several trips back home, I’ve never had the time to undergo and try this cleansing program.  I have a very hectic schedule which makes it impossible for me to fast even for a day.  Unfortunately, this is not available in UAE & I couldn’t wait for October to try it so I decided to do it on my own.

Having been dormant for the past years and previously indulging myself in food porn with so much gusto, I just thought that this would be the best time for me to try Juju as a follow through to my strong fight for a healthier lifestyle in 2012.  I already made a head start by going back to the gym and now would be the perfect time to complement it with some inner cleansing.

There are actually a lot of ways to go about this detox program. There’s level 1 which is the easiest and level 3 for those who are willing to do hard-core purification.

I opted to go for Level 3 as it may be hardcore but it’s the easiest to prepare haha!

Read below what this level entails and its benefits: (taken from the website itself, don’t want to steal any credit)

Level Three 

The Level Three is a primarily green-veggie cleanse, with a heavy emphasis on alkalinizing and enzyme replacement. This no-frills cleanse eliminates all (higher glycemic index) fruit and focuses mainly on saturating you with enzymes that help expedite the detox and elimination process. The aim is to swing your body’s pH to a healthier and more balanced alkaline state ASAP!

This cleanse contains:


So there are only TWO types of drinks that we need to prepare from the LEVEL 3 cleansing – the GREEN BOMB and ALKAZEST.

What’s good with the juju cleanse is that they posted the ingredients on their website which gives all readers/consumers the option to do it on their own especially for those who have budget issues.  If you check their pricing on the web, the 3-day cleanse duration is worth 7100 php — it’s quite expensive for me (bora ticket na to), but still cheaper compared to a detox program in Tagaytay or Thailand.

So what should be the daily intake?  See below:


You have to consume 6 bottles of drinks in a day i.e. 5 bottles (350ml) of Green Bomb and 1 bottle (350ml) of Alkazest.

The time of interval per bottle should be: 2 ½ hours

The first drink should be taken @ 8AM, 2nd drink should be after 2 ½ hrs and so on and so forth

The order of drinking should be followed as illustrated above (3 green bomb, 1 alkazest, 2 green bomb).

There’s no limit in drinking water during this detox, the more water you consume the better!

No cheating, these 6 bottled drinks will be your meal for the entire day so stick to it! Again, water intake is fine, the rest is mortal sin!

*** I chose Level 3 and started to do it for 3 straight days.  For those who are more committed, you can do it for 5 days or more. 

Now, let’s start with the ingredients and a brief description of each drink: (again taken from the website)


  • Since alkalinity is what you’re after, this green juice is the way to go.
  • This elixir of assorted green veggies loads you up with important nutrients and enzymes that our bodies desperately need to keep alive and well down to the cellular level.
  • You’ve heard the term “life force”? This is all that and more!
    • Celery
    • Cucumber
    • Coconut Water
    • Malunggay
    • Pineapple
    • Romaine Lettuce
    • Spinach

***This green bomb actually makes you feel full the whole day.  So hindi mo mafi-feel ang gutom while you’re doing this detox. 


This vitamin and anti-oxidant rich mix of grapefruit, pineapple, and coconut juices is a refreshing mid-afternoon picker upper.

It is designed to replenish your electrolytes and boost your energy levels to help get you through the rest of the day.

  • Coconut Water
  • Grapefruit*
  • Pineapple
  • *Grapefruit could be replaced with orange if not available.

***For me, this is like a bonus drink…it tastes good and really refreshing as compared to Green Bomb.  Feeling ko sinali lang yung drink na to para pakunswelo from drinking the Green Bomb.

Isa lang ang katapat ng lahat ng ingredients & detox na to – FRUIT EXTRACTOR po!  The blender is okay but the downside is that you have to strain it after blending the whole ingredients so masyado ng masalimuot para saken yun.  You have to make sure that you will have to take the juice out — sapal not included.  Using the fruit extractor is more convenient for me as it will just juice out each vegetables/fruits and separate the pulp instantly so gulp gulp na lang ako after!

Another advantage of doing this on your own is that you can go generous with your ingredients if you want a thicker concoction or adjust the ratio of each according to your taste.

I suggest you do it on a weekend habang pa-chill chill lang tayo sa bahay like this:

Or you may carry it in the office….gudlak nga lang sa pagbubuhat ng malaking container or 6 bottles of drinks!  Just make sure as well that you have a refrigerator in your pantry where you can store those drinks for the whole day to prevent it from spoiling. 

If you want to learn more about this program, you may visit their website: www.jujucleanse.com

I really encourage everyone to try this because it will give your whole internal organs a good rest from working 24 hours 365 days non-stop.  After all the slavery that we subjected them to, they deserve the time to heal, recuperate & be nourished properly so let’s give them a break!

By the way, I would like to dedicate this entry to Rexie, a former colleague of mine who is now based in Canada.  Eto na ang pangungulet mo, nai-post ko na po.

O sha….kampai na!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Ju It!

  1. Dude! sobrang maraming thanks naman. special mention ako hehe. gagawin ko ito bukas sna lng me juice extractor cla ate d2 sa haus . nakakabilib ang blog mong ito very informative 🙂 naririnig ko na rin itong juju cleance, pero ang tanong ko mapupupoo kba lagi? hassle kc d2 ang washrooms sa Canada. Wala clang katulad jan sa Dubai na sprinkler ba tawag dun, basta ung hose ng tubig, un na un. Marami cla d2 tissue paper, punas punas lng. kailangan mo pa basain ang tissue and un na. But still, gagawin ko ito whatever it takes, sa ngalan ng kaseksihan at cyempre ng healthy living body na rin 🙂 Panalo tlga ito! thanks ulit! mwah!

  2. high fiber ang green bomb dude kaya regular ang bowel movement mo….make sure magpupo ka everyday ah? required yun haha!….naku rexie kung walang sprinkler jan, mas okay gawin kung wala kang pasok….para mas maayos mo maisasagawa ang detox mo….walang hassle kc nasa bahay ka lang 🙂 di sha masarap, ang tagal ko nga tinitigan ang baso ko ng green bomb, pinagdadasal ko kung pwedeng maglaho na lang sha hahaha!…..hindi pati pwede na LAGOK ah…or gulp in english…ang sabi sa website, namnamin daw parang food…so dahan dahan ang pag inum hahah…pasakit lang!…gawin mo na…at gawin mo sha at least once a month….regalo mo na sa bituka mo yan haha!

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